“I discovered that although there were many, many lovely clothes for babies and children to be found in Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia to name but a few, in the style that I liked, I couldn’t find the curation I wanted close enough to home and streamlined enough to make shopping for children easy. We’re talking smocked dresses and ribbed tights, delicate newborn knits, wool coats with velvet collars and buttoned shoes, cardigans, bonnets, rompers and bloomers, linens, classic stripe and gingham fabrics, embroidery, pretty liberty print and lace trims..

Don’t get me wrong, there are wonderful brands based in England who produce in Europe and who have amazing customer experience. But there is no multi-brand set up, curating the artisanal alongside the timeless and elegant, allowing you to mix and match between brands, styling children with creativity and originality. As I delved deeper and deeper into the industry, I came across amazing women, founders of independent brands and projects all of which make lovely things for children. I added to my list of priorities when shopping for my children: small business, built by women, slow fashion and authentic craftsmanship."