How To Get Mud Out of Tiny Clothes
June 23, 2022

How To Get Mud Out of Tiny Clothes

1) Let the mud dry.

Don't deal with it when still wet, a stain is more likely to set in if you do..

2) Once dry, shake the article of clothing to release as much surface mud as possible.

3) Take a knife and scrape any remaining dry mud off the fabric, using a light upwards flick like motion, taking care not to press the dirt further into the fabric.

4) Treat the affected area with a dollop of laundry detergent (we like Ecover which is a non-bio plant based formula made of natural ingredients in a zero waste factory, comes in a recycled plastic bottle and can be topped up with refills).

Use a toothbrush to work the solution into the fabric..

5) If it’s a really bad situation, you can then rinse and do the same thing with a stain remover (Ecover again)

6) Machine wash the clothes on as warm a setting as you’re allowed, check for a stain and run the cycle again if it’s not out.

Hang to dry in sunshine - it doesn’t have to be hot, this works in winter as well - just find a sunny spot by the window. It's amazing, any leftover stain will vanish..


'I’m quite happy with the idea of a little one running around in a really nice dress, clompy boots and muddy hands and knees. The best accessory to any outfit is a beaming smile. That’s what being a child is all about!' - Natasha, Sew Heritage