10 Things You Didn't Know About Linen
February 18, 2022

10 Things You Didn't Know About Linen

Linen is my favourite fabric. I'm not even sure why, it's not actually because of any of the reasons I'm about to list below, because I didn't know about them until recently. I think it's probably just because it screams summer, abroad, somewhere hot, most likely in Europe. It reminds me of my mother on summer holidays as a child, her linen clothes always came with us, perfectly pressed and folded.

But linen isn't just for mamas. So many of it's properties make it one of the best fabrics for young skin and the escapades of tiny people. Jevgenija’s bonnets are always made of linen, but I was so happy when both Natasha (Sew Heritage) and Cristina (Pimpiripette) wanted to include linens in their collections as well.

Cristina says of The Achille Set: "I wanted a lived-in fabric that smelled of adventures and pranks . I chose this fabulous linen produced in small batches, which has imperfections, small dents, which make it so alive, unique, it's fantastic."

1) Linen yarn is spun from the long fibres found just behind the bark in the stem of the flax plant.

2) Linen is 100% biodegradable - to turn flax fibre into linen, and then spin the fibres into fabric, all you need is the cellulose flax fibre from the flax plant.

3) Linen requires almost no energy consumption for cultivation, flax can grow on rainwater alone (not like cotton which needs irrigation) and requires no herbicides, pesticides or fertiliser.

4) It retains carbon that is released into the atmosphere.

5) It is naturally hypoallergenic.

6) Linen is naturally insect repellent, antibacterial and pathogen resistant.

7) It is breathable and wicks away moisture, which is why it’s so popular in hot weather.

8) 85% of linen comes from Europe, and in the 18th century, Ireland was the largest linen producer in the world.

9) Flax is one of the strongest natural plant fibres, stronger than cotton. meaning that Linen is a robust and durable fabric that likes to be washed getting softer and softer each time. Perfect for well dressed little adventurers and their muddy stains.

10) It's one of the first fabrics ever used in human history, many samples including from pieces of clothing are immaculately preserved from Ancient Egypt...

We will always have linen in stock, boy's linen shirts and girl's linen palazzo pants for summer, little linen cross-back baby rompers and girls linen dresses with puffy sleeves and a high yoke are some of our favourite things...